Infrastructure security

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Infrastructure security

The measurement of the efficiency of operation of every organization or company is not how it functions in the course of routine work, but how it manages in the time of chaos. Even the most experienced and prepared services are exposed to chaos related to:

  • lack of sharing necessary information in the entire team,
  • lack of coordination of tasks between individual units,
  • lack of information on the use of technical and personnel resources,
  • lack of access to reliable and verified information,
  • lack of information on the progress of activities at individual sections of operation,
  • lack of the possibility to exchange experience between individual units in critical situations.

Even the most advanced control systems will not prevent random events from occurring. The task of modern technical solutions is to support services in daily work in the scope of tackling even the most complex matters.

Enigma’s offer includes the Avispon system created by our architects, computer specialists and engineers with a view to supporting a group of people professionally engaged in investigating criminal cases and other police-related events. This application is used in the case of occurrence of any crisis situation in an institution, failures of various type and scale, threat for the managed infrastructure, environment, employees or population, as well as in the case of image or information crises.